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The attorneys of P.K. Hammar Legal enjoy sharing their expertise with others, and want to ensure that your business needs are covered. Every month, we offer free Lunch N' Learn events where you can learn about various legal topics affecting your small business.

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Below is a list of dates and topics for the coming year. Full descriptions are provided approximately one month before the date that each seminar is held.

Friday, February 21:

Protecting Your Business and Yourself – The Benefits of Incorporation and a Strong Agreement

Choosing the wrong business entity or improperly crafting contractual agreements can leave a small business particularly vulnerable. Now is the time to consider how you will protect your work, and yourself, from excess liability, taxation and conflict. This month we will be discussing the benefits of incorporation and/or registering for an EIN, a trade name and 501(c)(3) status. We will also discuss how to create solid operating, partnership, and non-compete agreements to make sure that your business interests are secured.

Friday, March 21:

Keeping Personal Information Personal

With the recent major data breach that occurred at the University of Maryland, concern about the security of our personal information is at an all-time high. Come and learn about issues relating to the collection, storage, retrieval and sharing of personal information by businesses and how to avoid liability for the accidental or deliberate release of this sensitive data.

Friday, April 25:

Common Employment Pitfalls

Regardless of your role, navigating the employer/employee relationship is often a journey into the unknown. The best solution is to know your rights ahead of time and clearly communicate expectations and responsibilities within your organization. Ensuring that your workplace operates under clearly defined policies for hiring and termination, employee payment, and vacation/leave reduces headaches for both employers and employees. A small business is especially susceptible to the disruption caused by employee confusion or inconsistent management. Come learn how to protect your business and enforce your rights in the workplace.

Friday, May 16:

Temporary and Seasonal Employees

With seasonal fluctuations in labor needs and regular employees scheduling vacation when businesses need help the most, many companies rely on temporary help to be successful during high-demand months. However, temporary employees carry with them unique legal liabilities and employment issues. Come learn how to avoid common problems involved with hiring temporary employees so your business can succeed during its most critical months.

Friday, June 20:

What is a Deceptive Trade Practice?

A successful marketplace requires that buyers and sellers both get what they are promised, but it is often difficult to ensure both parties come to the table with the knowledge they need. Come learn how to prevent claims of false advertising, misrepresentation, or debt collection harassment against your business, and explore the protections you have as a consumer to ensure you always get your end of the bargain.

Friday, July 18:

Doing Business Online

Friday, August 15:

Dealing with Employee Leave Issues

Friday, Sept. 19:

Government Contracting

Friday, October 17:

Understanding the Commercial Lease

Friday, Nov. 21:

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives

Friday, Dec. 12:

Appealing Your Property Taxes

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